How to Increase traffic On Website


Avoid wasting time hunting for fast fixes if you’re serious about how to Increase Traffic On website. To actively drive results, you must be willing to get your hands dirty. You can find the appropriate path with the help of this essay. How to boost website traffic is the issue that has to be answered. based on how well you analyze the traffic to your website. You must be able to assess your performance in light of the dynamics of your sector. Additionally, you must be aware of current digital marketing and SEO best practices developments. Some of the thirteen techniques we outline in this blog article might be familiar to you, while others could surprise you. We’ll examine methods for creating traffic-generating sources for websites, boosting the volume of already-existing incoming traffic sources, and optimizing content for more beneficial, high-quality visitors. What Are the Sources of the Traffic to Your Website? You must first comprehend where traffic is coming from and how users are accessing your website before you can discuss how to increase website traffic. You may begin using the strategies we’ll cover in the following chapter after you have a clear understanding of the volume and caliber of traffic coming from each source. Direct Traffic Google counts direct traffic when a visitor enters your URL in directly, bookmarks your website, or clicks through from a non-web source, such as a PDF or a presentation deck. Additionally, sites with a faulty or missing tracking code or an incorrect redirection land here. You will only see direct traffic when a user switches from a secure HTTPS address to an insecure HTTP address. You don’t need to boost direct traffic to your website, but you should monitor it anyway. Find pages that receive a lot of direct traffic and keep an eye on them Organic Traffic (SEO)  Your organic traffic will include every visitor who arrived at your website after typing a search term into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yandex. Good SEO can help you attract this kind of visitor. Inbound marketing and content marketing are tactics that use SEO to bring in organic visitors. Paid Traffic (SEM/PPC) PPC (pay per click) is a performance-based advertising model that applies keyword targeting on search engines and other platforms. It lets you boost traffic quickly while giving you control over ad spending and audience targeting. You need to track paid traffic from search engine marketing (SEM) to stay in control and optimize your digital strategy.  Display Ads Display advertising, which is a component of SEM, is a fantastic method to increase traffic to your website. Display ad traffic is the collective term for the traffic produced by banners or adverts shown on other websites or on display advertising networks like Google AdSense and Apple Search Ads. Referrals  Because there is so much potential in this kind of traffic, pay attention to it. Anyone who clicks through from another website after someone placed a link to it in a blog post or media story is referred to as a referral. If placed on reputable websites, these backlinks can provide useful traffic. Social Media Another traffic source with great potential is this one. Examine the volume and nature of each social media platform’s individual traffic independently. 1-Write meaningful content Organic content is among the best free techniques to promote website visitors. Users may find this kind of unpaid material by using a keyword search. It may be housed on your website’s blog, knowledge base, or resources page. After starting a blog, you should publish entries utilizing terms, queries, and phrases that are often searched. Then, incorporate high search volume keywords into your header, content, URL, and meta description to optimize blog entries for SEO. You may receive hundreds or even thousands of clicks per month from a single blog article if you’ve achieved high rankings on the first page of search engine results. After all, 67.60% of all clicks on the first page alone come from the top five organic results. 2-Guest Blogging to increase traffic on website Your website’s traffic can be instantly boosted by accepting guest posts. Through guest blogging, you have the chance to have another website that carries your material link back to your website. In reality, a lot of marketers employ the inbound marketing strategy of guest blogging. One success story claimed that by using guest blogging, they saw a 340 percent boost in search traffic and had more than 100,000 visitors to their website in a single year. In terms of SEO, if your website has backlinks from reputable sources like well-known corporate blogs and newspapers, search engines may reward your domain with a higher rating. As a result, you must be careful while selecting your guest blogging platforms. You can collaborate with a website that offers content on related subjects or operates in the same sector. Additionally, you’ll be able to create authoritative material that establishes your credibility by writing in your area of expertise. 3- Organic Social Media Organic social media is not a new tactic, but marketers should still be aware of it. You may use Facebook Messenger, Instagram Stories (hey, swipe up function! ), live video, IGTV, or other channels in addition to publishing on social media. Being an early adopter of new features is crucial when using organic social media. For instance, Facebook has made it possible for companies to build automated chatbot experiences within Messenger that link to the content offered on your website. This function is excellent for driving visitors to your website. Additionally, it’s crucial to have a varied social media strategy and utilize many social media sites other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A lot of traffic may be brought to your website by websites like Pinterest or YouTube. Regarding organic social media, Henry Franco, a brand marketing associate at HubSpot, offers two suggestions. “First and foremost, refrain from spamming your audience. It costs a user nothing to scroll past your post, and if you don’t provide any … Read more

Email marketing strategies to increase the revenue

5 Email marketing strategies to increase the revenue

What is meant by email marketing? Email marketing strategies to increase revenue: You can use email marketing to promote your business’s products and services. Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel and a form of digital marketing as well as direct marketing. You can integrate it into your marketing automation efforts to let customers know about your latest products or offers. Email marketing strategies to increase the revenue and emails were sent for the first time. It has changed radically since those early days, so what worked then may not work now. Statistics show that email marketing isn’t what it once was. Then again, it remains an effective method for generating leads and creating an audience. Set up your Email marketing strategies to increase the revenue by taking note of these five things. 1- Personalize your subscription list Email customization is without a doubt one of the finest tactics you can employ to increase your email campaigns whenever you want to grow an email list. Personalized topic lines are 26% more likely than non-personalized ones to enhance conversions. Furthermore, tailored topic lines receive far more opens than non-personalized ones. When it comes to creating your email list, email customization is without a doubt one of the most effective tactics. Personalized topic lines are 26% more likely to enhance conversions than non-personalized ones. Furthermore, tailored subject lines have a substantially greater open rate than non-personalized ones. According to, several customers have complained about tailored messages compromising their privacy. This happens when you are overly personal, so you must achieve the proper balance. Consider sending other personalized messages, such as a birthday greeting, to your users. According to research, birthday emails increased income by more than 300 percent. Remember the higher click and transaction rates as compared to typical advertising emails. 2-market division Email marketing, unlike other marketing tactics, is more likely to succeed. The Targeted Market division enables you to target a specific audience with a customized message. You may divide your list in a variety of ways, including age, marketing preferences, geographic area, education levels, industry, buyer, and customer profiles. The market division successfully helps you to mix up your techniques and understand more about your target audience’s marketing preferences. As you develop your approach, your market division will become more closely matched with the demands and requirements of your target population. You can try these ideas: Behavioral Division: Behavioral Division enables people to become valuable and scalable. To begin, you need to figure out what behaviors they have in common. Inactive subscribers, cart abandoners, or new leads? Your email marketing needs to be integrated with your website or online store to be successful. Once this is done, you can create automated emails with tailored messages. The message, “Have you forgotten anything?” could be sent to abandoned shopping carts. Subscriber surveys: Surveys are an efficient method for generating leads. They’re a simple approach to discovering what your subscribers are truly interested in, allowing you to better understand what to market to your audience. Opt-in surveys: It never hurts to ask questions, so you may directly ask subscribers what you want to know. Furthermore, adding a survey to your website or social media accounts to learn more about your users is simple. “What are you enthusiastic about?” is a common inquiry. “When do you have spare time during the day?” or any other related inquiries. 3. Following trends, Since the COVID-19 epidemic, market uncertainty has reached unprecedented heights, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next. Being “in the present” is essential for any successful email approach. If you don’t keep up with the latest trends, your email marketing message may fall flat. However, there are several ways to keep current. Consider modular blocks with email templates, for example. These are pre-made blocks of material that may be rearranged to create a whole new email. Using this strategy allows you more freedom when creating and sending emails. Alternatively, plan ahead of time before launching your email marketing campaign. Avoid sending emails on the spur of the moment; instead, organize ahead of time wherever feasible. This allows you to respond to changing consumer preferences and industry changes. Even if you’re creating seasonal content, you may utilize these emails to launch your campaign to a fresh target demographic or subscriber base. In a summary, agility entails reacting to changes as rapidly as possible and being prepared to follow new email marketing trends. This is critical to the success of an email marketing campaign. 4- Do not use long subject lines. The subject line is the first thing a reader sees before opening an email. If your subject line is overly lengthy, people may not even read it before opening the email. According to studies, subject lines with fewer than 50 characters have a 12% higher open rate and a 75% higher click-through rate. The subject line is the first thing a reader sees before opening an email. If your subject line is overly lengthy, people may not even read it before opening the email. According to studies, subject lines with fewer than 50 characters have a 12% higher open rate and a 75% higher click-through rate. Consider this: you should aim to condense your message into a compelling one-liner! importance Links of Email marketing strategies to increase the revenue The 8 Best Psychological Marketing Strategies 5 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips Business Growth Can Help! The 5 best browsers for online safety 6 Best Way To Build A Winning Team At Work Learn Static GK 5- Send emails at the right time. You can’t assume that everyone on your subscription list lives in the same geographical location. Send time is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of your email campaigns. So, you need to get your timing right if you want to be successful in improving your open and click-through rate. The amount of involvement is the main reason you must get your time perfect. Each of … Read more

6 Best Way To Build A Winning Team At Work

6 Best Way To Build A Winning Team At Work

6 ways to Build a Winning Team at Work #winningteamentertainment #WinningTeam #winningteams The core of every successful business is a high-performing team, whether it is a cricket team or an organization. The results are remarkable when a group of independently talented individuals combines their skills. Everyone benefits when employees work together to achieve a common objective. Building a fantastic team is one of the finest and easiest ways to get things done in any organization. Employees’ creativity and productivity will be boosted, and their loyalty and engagement will be considerably enhanced. A high-performing team’s worth has long been acknowledged. This is most likely why every company strives to hire and retain the best people. Many businesses hire motivational speakers to excite and inspire their personnel. An article published by McKinsey in 2017 states that the financial performance of an organization increases by 1.9 times when members of a high-performing team work together. It is always a plus to have ambitious, energetic, capable, and talented people on your team, but they often represent different departments, geographies, backgrounds, products, resources, and many other things. Here are six tried-and-true ways to improve team makeup and dynamics: 1-Hit The Right Number Building a high-performance team with the right skills and a creative mindset begins with team composition. It’s like putting a cherry on top of a delicious dessert. The team should be maintained small but not too small just as the amount of salt in the dish must be adjusted to make the food taste delicious. Small teams with six to seven members tend to make poorer decisions due to a lack of diversity. Due to a shortage of bandwidth, The lack of bandwidth will also cause a group of a small size to take longer to make decisions. Keeping the right number of members on your team can be a good way to build a winning team. 2. Team Dynamics To Build A Winning Team At Work Build a winning team in your workplace with Team Dynamics. Learn how to create a positive and productive culture that will have an effect on the lives of everyone involved, from the executives to the janitors. Learn how to build trust and keep it so you can be sure you can rely on your team to do what needs to be done when needed. Understand why conflict is inevitable, but also know how to resolve it before things get too far out of hand. More than just information about teamwork and conflict management, this book gives you strategies for turning any group of individuals into a real team for the benefit of both individual members and the company as a whole. Build A Winning Team At Work These methods are being told to you so that you can make your own strong 3. Create a Team-Oriented Organization Teamwork is not just about talking about it! Create an environment where collaboration is valued. To empower teams to take control and manage themselves, emphasizing self-management, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence. Likewise, enable teams with authority to do their jobs on their own terms to show your employees your commitment. 4. Assign Team Goals Assign essential projects and assignments to your team. When considering creative and new market trends, including all members of the team. It’s critical to have a fresh view of the market trend, therefore constantly soliciting input from various team members. Request that they question the status quo and the accepted method. This strategy will help your business remain ahead of the competition. 5. Respect Your Team Members As Individuals A business needs to have a fresh and creative approach toward its goal of prospering. You want your employees to be a part of your team at work, but you also need a perspective. Each team member has a story of his own. He/she has come far in life without your company and has experienced a rich and varied life post-work. Hence, it is critical to rope in the new team members when making an imperative decision—the success of a team depends upon recognizing the unique talents of each member. How to Become a Digital Marketer after 12th free guidance 6. Appreciate your team. Your team members, their efforts, their drive, and their success cannot be taken for granted. Let them know you appreciate them for themselves and what they do. Appreciation is a powerful tool in the workplace. Authentic happiness must also be your goal for your team members. It all boils down to love in the creation of a strong team. When you like what you do and what others do, you create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive. Winning teams are built by leaders who can stretch and bend their own personalities to fit the demands of each team member. You may utilize each team member’s abilities and learn how to fill in for their weaker areas when you manage them individually. That is the essence of true support. Successful teams are supported by strong teams. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Get Know Adventure (@getknowadventure) FAQ to Build A Winning Team At Work

The 8 Best Psychological Marketing Strategies

The 8 Best Psychological Marketing Strategies

In this post, you will learn about the eight best psychological marketing strategies. Marketers must understand people if they wish to succeed. By understanding how people think and process information, you can create a marketing strategy that is far more effective in reaching your target market. The eight techniques can hold importance in certain areas, but by integrating all 7 techniques into , you’ll notice a dramatic improvement. What is this psychological marketing, and how can it benefit your business? Psychological marketing is defined as marketing that uses psychological techniques to influence consumer behavior. You can improve your marketing strategy by understanding how people think and process information. By using psychological marketing techniques, you can get into the minds of your consumers and influence their decisions. You can use a variety of psychological marketing techniques to get into your customers’ thoughts and affect their behavior. Using social proof, scarcity principles, and other psychological marketing methods, these seven psychological marketing strategies will help you rethink your company’s approach. How to influence your consumers psychologically with these seven tricks Use Social Media to Drive Traffic Use authority Use anchoring Use likability. Use language that promotes trust and reliability. Use scarcity. Use Exclusivity to Lure Customers. Understand the buyer’s decision-making process. Use Social Media To Drive Traffic Social proof is a psychological marketing technique that makes use of the power of social influence to persuade people to act. It is based on the premise that if individuals witness others doing something, they are more inclined to do it themselves. A common way to do this is to use celebrities and influencers to endorse products; consumers tend to trust their opinions more, influencing their own purchase decisions. For example, showing testimonials and reviews can help you provide social proof when you are trying to sell a product. It is also possible to show how wonderful your product is by using social media. Use Authority A different type of psychological marketing trick that uses the power of influence to encourage people to act is authority. It is based on the assumption that people are more likely to act if they believe that a powerful individual recommends it to them. If you are trying to sell a new product, you can use authority by showing that a reputable person or expert has made a statement supporting it. By displaying customer testimonials from respected industry leaders, you can also foster authority. Use Anchoring Scarcity is a psychological marketing technique that relies on the force of supply and demand to compel people to act. It is founded on the premise that if something is in limited supply, people are more inclined to want it. If you’re offering a high-demand product, for example, you can exploit scarcity by limiting the number of units available to each customer. You may also utilize scarcity to your advantage by offering limited-time deals. Use Likability The power of likability is used in psychological marketing in order to persuade people to take action. It is based on the idea that people are more likely to do something if they like the person who is asking them to do it. For example, you can use likability to sell a product by being friendly and helpful when interacting with potential customers. You can also use likability by running ads that feature people who are using and enjoying your product. Use Language That Promotes Trust And Reliability A consumer’s faith in a brand may be bolstered by the use of the correct phrases. Marketers who are aware of the importance of phrases like “authentic,” “guaranteed,” “official,” “faithful,” and “certified” will aim to use them as often as feasible. Use Scarcity. Scarcity is a psychological marketing technique that relies on the force of supply and demand to compel people to act. It is based on the premise that people are more inclined to want something if it is in limited availability. For example, if you’re offering a high-demand product, you may exploit scarcity by restricting the number of units available to each customer. You may also utilize scarcity to your advantage by giving limited-time deals. Use Exclusivity To Lure Customers. By making customers feel important, marketers may appeal to their self-esteem. For example, American Express’s phrase “Membership has its privileges” has earned a lot of favorable attention. Marketers may increase this sensation of exclusivity by introducing limited-time deals, membership programs, and waitlists, among other strategies. How to Become a Digital Marketer after 12th free guidance Understand the Buyer’s Decision-Making Process There are five stages in the decision-making process for consumers. The initial step is to identify the need, which is followed by information gathering and alternative appraisal. The final step is to make a buy decision, followed by a post-purchase review. Those who want to benefit from this process should start by creating a new need. After that, you should help with product research and display business comparisons. After these procedures have been completed, the cycle closes with a request for client feedback.

The 5 best browsers for online safety

The 5 best browsers for online safety

#best browsers for online safety #secure browsers     #browser security     #browser privacy     #great browsers     #online privacy     #best browser     #secure internet     #best privacy     #computer privacy     #secure browsing     #user privacy     #security encryption     #privacy breaches     #data privacy     #brave browser  This post will explain how you can stay safe while using various types of websites and how you can block ads on websites with the help of extensions and avoid online fraud. browsers for online safety. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain Internet privacy and security all over the world. In such a situation, most websites monitor your browsing activity. They use this to prepare your profile and keep sending you ads based on your information. In addition to the security tools available on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari, many extensions can protect you from being a victim of online fraud. So in this post, let’s talk about these extensions. Avast Online Security: The Best Online Security One of the most reputable security software companies is Avast. It ranks websites based on security. This prevents fraud and malware from affecting your computer. As soon as you click on a suspicious page, it starts flashing a warning message on your computer screen. This ranking also appears in Google searches. In this way, you can avoid clicking on any fake website. #2. Emsisoft Is Ranked Second For Online Security. This is a widely used extension in the field of security software. This extension monitors the websites you visit frequently and protects you from visiting suspicious websites. If you click on a suspicious website while browsing, an alert will appear on your screen and you will know that this page is not secure. #3 Ghostery Block Online Ads The Ghostery extension allows you to block advertisements on websites, as well as tell you how advertisers are tracking you on a variety of websites. This extension breaks the code and blocks the scripts and technologies that monitor you on various websites. In such a situation, advertisers are not able to collect your information. #4 Ublock Origin Chrome Extension You can install the uBlock Origin extension in your browser. If you are bothered by ads while browsing, then you can install the uBlock Origin extension on your browser. This extension blocks intrusive ads, auto-playing media, malware-hosting sites, and tracking scripts all at the same time. Due to this, your privacy is maintained and your page is launched faster. Note: While Chrome can be extremely secure depending on the settings, Chrome is not the best browser for privacy. With one lawsuit claiming that Chrome also shared data collected by users while they were in Incognito Mode, it is certainly not the best privacy-friendly browser. Google is not open-source, so we cannot say whether or how Google may track its users (Chromium — the browser Chrome is built upon, and the next on this list — does have open-source code available) 25+ important SEO Interview Question #5 Best Browsers For Online Safety: Chrome Extension Keeper It is most important to keep your password safe while browsing online. This extension plays an important role in password protection. This extension protects all your passwords in a single digital vault with a master password. Using this extension on one device is free and can be used on multiple devices at the same time for a fee of $3.75per month. Thank you so much 🙂 for reading this article about the best browsers for online safety

#1 Best SEO tools for digital marketing

best seo tool for digital marketing

What is SERPSTAT? It is a piece of software intended for search engine optimization. It use of keyword research, but now it has features. for link building, technical SEO, PPC, and analysis of competitors SEO and PPC keywords keywords research It is a paid tool. What is SEMRUSH? (Best SEO tools) It is a platform that has features for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media. marketing. Everything is rolled into a single platform. There are also options for market research, advertising, and agency solutions in Semrush. Semrush helps us with doing keyword research, website audits, competitor website analysis, PPC campaigns, and posting of social media content. It is a paid tool. SEO tools, digital marketing tools, free SEO tools, SEO audit tool, free SEO tools 2018, SEO tools review, website auditing tool, marketing automation tools, content marketing tools, list of SEO tools, multilingual keyword research tool What is AHREFS? It is a set of SEO tools that have options for learning, community, and support. Ahref has a site explorer through which we can check the website backlink profile of our own website. We can also do this for our competitor’s website. It has options for keyword searches as well. The content Explorer features help in finding content that has maximum sharing on social media. Other tools in AHREFS The tools are keyword explorer, rank tracker, site audit, and backlink alerts It has paid plans.-Best SEO tools What is WORDAI? It is a text rewriter tool that uses AI or artificial intelligence to rewrite text and create content. It is the best tool for content writing. It is a paid tool.-Best SEO tools What is Buzzsumo? It is a content marketing tool that helps in getting content ideas. Buzzsumo has options for searching popular content on any topic. Its free plan helps in doing 10 searches per month while paid plan allows you to do unlimited searches.-Best SEO tools What is MOZ? It is an SEO software that helps in doing site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, and other SEO activities. Moz is a paid tool but it has some freefeatures like keyword explorer, competitive research, domain analysis, MozBar, and some other features. It is a paid tool but has a free trial.-Best SEO tools What is CANVAS? It is an online graphic design tool that has both free and paid versions. Canva helps us to make high-quality images, posters, presentations, logos, videos, social media posts, and other graphics. It has both free and paid plans.-Best SEO tools How to Become a Digital Marketer after 12th free guidance What is Grammarly? It is an online writing assistant that helps in checking and correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in the text or content that we write. It has both free and paid versions.-Best SEO tools What is SPYFU? It is the best tool for doing competitor keyword analysis. We can use the tool to find keywords that help in improving our online presence. It is a paid tool. What is SEMSCOOP? It is a keyword research tool that helps in finding keywords that have high profit and lowcompetition. The free plan has the option of finding 5 keyword searches and 10 keyword analyses in a day. The paid plans allow us to do a higher number of keyword searches. It has both free and paid plans. What is SKILLSHARE? This is another very good online learning platform in which you can do online learning and improveyour skills. It has a free plan and paid plan. What is LYNDA? It is an online learning platform that has training courses for all topics and subjects. It is the best tool foreducation and improving skills. Lynda helps you learn online. It is a paid platform in which you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee for accessing the training courses

Google’s top 50+ SEO site submissions now

Best 50+SEO site submission google

This is the best 50-site submission by Google. The range of our submission service is from personal blog sites to large corporate sites. All the sites submitted are manually submitted. I constantly monitor your site for errors and automatically submit pages. Google’s top 50+ SEO site submissions Site submission to Google is an effective and valuable process. Most site owners use this service because it saves them time and money. Directory Submission Sites with Instant Approval-Site Submission Google A web directory is a collection of links on the internet. In addition, it has a collection of high-PR websites that are arranged into different categories and subcategories. Submission of your website link to a web directory is known as “Directory Submission.” As a bonus, it helps to bring high-quality backlinks to your site, which helps to increase its ranking. Whenever you want to get backlinks to your site, you must submit it to a web directory with relevant categories or subcategories and some details. -Best 50 site submission google Learn how to submit your site correctly. Note: To ensure that your website is being submitted only to high-quality directories, follow the steps below. Directory submission is part of the search engine optimization (SEO) process so that links can be submitted and a better MOZ rank can be achieved. Remember to check the domain authority and Moz rank of the directory where you want to submit your site when you submit it. How does Instant Approval Directory work? An instant website approval directory approves submitted websites quickly (immediately). This means your website can be approved right away. It is beneficial for newly developed sites to have better MOZ and domain authorization, so SEO firms use instant approval directories.- Best 50 site submission google Note: Instant approval directories are not intended to be a replacement for search engines. Please make sure the directory is not malicious or penalized. Put your website in the right category (e.g. real estate, business, jewelry, law, etc.). Be sure to include your title and description as well as all the keywords related to your website. Please add your name and email address for future reference. No more than one site can be added to the spam list. Please read this note before submitting the website. Check your DA and Alexa rank before submitting your site. The latest sites section is available after you add a website. SEMrush and Keyword Planner can help you find the best keywords. The Benefits of an Internet DirectoryGoogle Submission in SEO-site Submission One of the most useful SEO approaches is submission to directories. Blogs and SEO specialists are attracted to it because of its numerous benefits. Some of its most notable benefits include: To increase link popularity, directory submission has become an important SEO strategy. Backlinks are accepted by search engines, which means these sites will help you get quality backlinks to your website. It’s a tried and true method for SEO ranking and link diversity. Submitting to directories has become an important SEO strategy for increasing link popularity. The search engines accept backlinks, so these sites will help you get quality links to your website. This is a tried-and-true method for SEO ranking and link diversity. Compartmentalization of pages and diary posting: With directory submission, search engines provide compartmentalization of pages. I think it is gratuitous to mention that if you use appropriate keywords within your directory submission, it will influence how the program lists your website. Despite having an honest computer ranking, it mechanically transmits the target cluster to your website.-Best 50 site submission google List of 50+ Instant Approved Directory Submission Sites for 2022 How to Become a Digital Marketer after 12th free guidance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Best 50 site submission google Read Best 50 site submission Google